viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Témpano: The 7 Samurai (2006)

Pedero Castillo: guitarra, violín, voces.
Miguel Ángel Echevarreneta: bajo, guitarra clásica.
Giulio Della Noce: teclados.
Gerardo Ubieda: batería, percusión
Obra conceptual editada por Musea Records e integrada por tres suites, una de las cuales (The farmers) es interpretada por Témpano.

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  1. The seven samurai is a concept album in 3 movements, Tempano's is called "the farmers" .

    From progarchives reviewer:
    TEMPANO - The Farmers: this track is, for me, the best in this album with a great ending (one of the most important parts of the song or album / book / whatever, since a bad ending could ruin everything or even save the crop!). Tempano here clearly outshines their comrades from Italy, presenting the most impressive piece of progressive rock music in this album. Here, the story is more guided by the music than by the lyrics, unlike CAP , being clearly distinguishable the parts of the movie when the samurai arrive at the village, train the villagers, etc, and that is because the music as a whole is very well developed during the song by the band, making the song great from start to finish. Another interesting feature of this song here is that it is the most experimental of the three, having some kind of jam in the middle of the song, like the jam in the middle of King Crimson's song Moonchild.

  2. The idea behind The Samurai and The Odyssey is simple, a homage to the sound and music from the early 70's

    And this is what you get, luckily tempano had several hours of unrecorded music from the 70's, so here it is for you to enjoy !