martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

ÁNGEL RADA: Armagedon & The Third Wave Revolution (1986)

Ángel Rada: teclados, programación, percusión electrónica, arreglos, composición de todos los temas excepto Jerusalem (Parry/Blake), producción.
Franco D´Andrea: soprano en Jerusalem, Omega I, I´ll go to death, Arriving Davida.

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  1. Mate, a new link for Farenheit would be realy appreciated :-)

  2. mi nuevo sitio oficial es

  3. thanx so much for all of the good!

  4. I have just discovered Angel Rada thanks to the comments section of The Growing Bin who pointed over to this blog as the place to score his music....Anyone who bases an album on Toffler and has a cut out of a Daniel Fry saucer on the front cover against a chic apocalyptic background has got to be good....

    yes...this album is truly mindblowing...third wave music indeed..perhaps someone should tell Jacques Atalli!